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I visited Scottsdale, Arizona for work-related training last week.  It's a hot, dry, tan-colored city full of electrical wires, parking lots, and flat rectangular buildings.   We mostly stayed in landscaped areas with palm trees, lantana, eucalyptus, and sometimes grass so lush and green it looked fake. Landscaping with green plants appears to be available only to businesses wealthy enough to afford ground-based irrigation.  Most of the city is rocks and sand.  The temperature on May 15th was 105 F during the day, 96 at midnight. 

The food in Scottsdale is superb.  The drivers are rude (a goth girl actually got out of her car at a light to yell at us and give us the finger).  The dwellings are small, low-ceilinged and expensive.  The people are very attractive.  We saw some bad plastic surgery (bad in the sense that it was obvious). 

When I got back, Pittsburgh was chilly, wet, shaggy, disheveled, rotten, friendly, chaotic and very green.